Husker Raffle Tickets

How Does it Work?

Attached to your email is a Word document which includes the official raffle ticket format. First and foremost, be sure to change the required field so that the raffle ticket says your chapter’s name on them! This helps Ted, the State Adviser for PBL, to contact the winners. The ticket has two parts, one for you to keep and the other to give to the ticket purchaser. Please detach the contact details for yourself and give the prize information to the ticket purchaser!

What are the Prizes?

There are so many great prizes involved with the husker raffle. The first prize is a choice of either the Illinois (11-10) or Michigan (11-17) games and a $50 gift card. The second prize is the other pair of tickets and a $25 gift card. Plus, we will have around 25 other prizes to giveaway! Also, many chapters every year give a single prize of their own to make sure someone local wins. Every prize that is donated is very much appreciated.

What are the Ticket Prices?

This fundraiser is your typical $1 per ticket or $5 for a book of 6 tickets! With amazing prizes to win, the tickets will practically sell themselves!

What's in it for Your Chapter?

The best part about the Husker Raffle is you can raise money for your chapter that they could use for NFLC or any other areas of need! Simple as that! Other than printing the tickets, your chapter has virtually no expense and a lot of potential profit to be made!

Any Recommendations?

Sell the raffle tickets at home sporting events. Contact major shopping centers in your town to see if you can set up a table at their store to sell tickets. Hit up the majorly trafficked areas of your school, city, and mall to attract the most sales! Challenge each one of your members to pay for their dues by selling raffle tickets!


Please don’t hesitate to contact one of your State Officers or the PBL State Adviser with any questions you may have!