Fall Drive

Help us reach our goal of $2,250!

Goal Progress:

The Nebraska Professional Business Leaders annual Husker Raffle has began with a new name: the Fall Drive! This year, we will continue using the online platform that was used last year. That means you can submit donations directly from your smart phone or computer.  All donations, in $1 increments, will receive a chance to win a prize! The first prize is a choice between a pair of tickets to the Wisconsin (11/16) or Iowa Hawkeyes (11/29) games. The second prize is the remaining pair of tickets! 

The winners will be announced at this year’s Fall Leadership Conference on November 7th so please have tickets submitted by October 31stYou may still keep track of your donations on paper; however, in order for your donors to have a chance to win a prize, they need to be submitted online through the form found at the following link : https://nebraskapbl.org/fundraiser-husker-raffle/members/.

This is a great fundraiser for your chapter as it doesn’t cost you any money unless you want to throw in prizes on your own.  Each chapter that obtains donations will retain half of their proceeds.  It’s a great way to earn some cash to use towards expenses like FLC. 

To help bridge the connection, NE PBL will be partnering with NE FBLA on this fundraiser and encourage all local chapters to participate and advertise the fundraiser. Please, contact one of the Nebraska PBL State Officers or Advisers with any questions.