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In order to increase communication, we are revising the buddy chapter system to create more of a relationship between state officer and chapters. Our focus will be on getting a response and feedback from chapter as well as giving them information in a method that is convenient for them. We also want to create a statewide committee that encompasses all of of the FBLA-PBL organization. We will open this committee up to all PBL members, FBLA members, and PD members and include state advisers and officers. 

Bimonthly Buddy Chapter Communication

FBLA/PBL/PD Committee and Meeting



We are going to utilize the power of technology to revolutionize the way members interact. Using the latest software, we are designing an interactive members community within our website. We see this as a networking tool to connect members with the same interest and as a resource for local chapters. We want to also include opportunities for professional and career development. Finally, we plan to take the Fall Husker Raffle completely digital. Ticket sales will be processed through the website.

PBL Connect

Job/Internship Finder


In order to continue creating valuable experience for our members, we seek to engage with our members as much as possible. One of the primary ways is through social media. We want to increase Facebook likes to 550, Twitter followers to 650, and Instagram followers to 200. Using social media and other tools we would like to increase our state membership to 300 with 200 attending SLC and 100 attending FLC. We want ⅓ of our membership to be active in our Remind 101 in order to share our information through a vast array of platforms.

Facebook Likes
Total likes 81%
Twitter Followers
Total likes 85%
Instagram Followers
Total likes 52%


In 2018-2019, as a state chapter we aspire to bring out the best in our chapters. We aim to activate or reactivate 4 chapters within the state. In addition, our goal is to raise $500 in fundraising other than the Husker Raffle. Finally, we want every chapter to achieve their true potential and receive an excellence award at SLC.


In an attempt to build opportunities for all members, we want to expand our professional division membership to 30. In addition to PD members, we want to develop stronger business partnerships within various communities and raise a total of $3,500. With the return of Scott Frost, we are aiming to reach $2,000 in Husker raffle ticket


This year we will enable our chapters by working with each of them to build a sustainable membership recruitment plan. In addition, we want to highlight the achievements of our members by awarding a member of the month and a member of the year for those members who go above and beyond. Finally, we are creating a series of social media videos and webinars to provide additional resources to chapters and members.