Elevate Your Future with Nebraska PBL!

Expand Nebraska PBL

Increase Membership to 350 Members
112 Members 32%

Reactive/activate 2 chapters
100% retention of current chapters
Make one concerted effort to attract new PD members

Lead Nebraska PBL through Communication

Monthly communication with FBLA officers
Bi-monthly communication with buddy chapters

Encourage Website Involvement

Recreate the state website
Increase the number of spotlight articles to one per week
Implement a Remind101 for all members and advisers

Visit FBLA and PBL Chapters

Visit 8 PBL chapters throughout the Year

Visit 10 FBLA chapters before FBLA SLC
(We are doing these visits in hopes to bridge the gap between state officers and members, as well as increase awareness of PBL to FBLA. We also encourage local PBL chapters to visit their local FBLA chapters.)

Acquire Necessary Funds

Raise $3,000 from the Husker Raffle
Make $4,000 in Business Partnerships
Institute a new fundraiser

Tweet and Like to Win

Increase Twitter Followers to 550
521 followers 94.5%
Increase Facebook Likes to 450
439 likes 97.5%

Help each chapter develop a Facebook page – (Ribbons for chapters that develop Twitter or Facebook)

Elevate Active Participation

Nebraska PBL Reach 150 Community Service Hours with Every Chapter Participating
547 hours - only 5 chapters participated 100%

Increased participation in PBL program (CMAP, Outstanding Chapter, Local Chapter Business Report, etc)
Have every chapter receive an Excellence Award