Connect with Members Across the Nation

Nebraska Phi Beta Lambda has many success driven members waiting to connect with you! Networking is one of a professionals biggest tools. Check out how to use it!

Why use PBL Connect?

Eighty-five percent of jobs are filled through networking, so take advantage of this resource. PBL is filled with ambitious individuals on the state and national level. This feature will give members an opportunity to harness this asset.


How do I use PBL Connect?

First: Create Profile or login

Second: Join groups!

If you are a Nebraska PBL Member, join the Nebraska Phi Beta Lambda Member Group. From there, CONNECT!

  • Post in the group what your major is and interests. After this, feel free to join other groups or create your own! 

We also welcome outside members! This way we can expand our network nationwide.

  • For these users, join or create a group for your State!

Professional Division members are encouraged to join and interact with next generation leaders. 

  • Please join the Professional Division Group and the “Minds of Mentors” group.