Nebraska PBL Updates

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Fall Leadership Conference Registration is Live!

Chapter Fundraising Opportunity

Husker Football Concessions:

Nebraska PBL has been given an opportunity to volunteer and work at the concessions at Memorial Stadium for the Husker Games in Lincoln. This is a great way to earn some funds for your chapter. Here’s a list of details about volunteering at the Husker Games:

  • Your chapter will receive $35 for every worker who works a shift. 

  • We need at least 6 workers for each game, but we can take more than that if people are interested. 

  • Workers need to arrive three hours before kick off

  • Enter through gate 17, picture ID required.


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Member of the Month (MoM)

Deadline: September 17

Each chapter can nominate one person each month that they believe exemplifies the core values of Nebraska PBL through their actions both with PBL and outside of PBL. One nominee per month will be chosen and recognized on social media as well as the Nebraska PBL website. A member can only win MoM once during the Nebraska PBL year.

Each member who wins MoM will be automatically nominated for Member of the Year, an award that will be announced at SLC and comes with a $500 scholarship.