What's In Your Briefcase?

The Nebraska PBL state officer team has been affected by current conditions like all other sectors, but we believe we have created two great programs that can still deliver valuable business tips and advice to our local chapters. Through our “What’s In Your Briefcase” video series, former officers, PD members, and state and national partners have been invited to submit short videos regarding a myriad of professional business topics. Some of the topics covered include career decisions, internships, networking, an actual tour of a business, “A Day In the Life,” and many more. The video series is meant to deliver another benefit to current and future members by providing them with an archive of exclusive videos catered directly towards their professional development.

This video archive will be built upon throughout the year with scheduled releases alongside exclusive Zoom meetings with these business professionals which are scheduled for future recurring dates. These interactive live sessions will go a step further than the pre-recorded videos by giving members the chance to ask questions and present situations directly to the key speaker. Personal connections and strong rapport can still be manifested at these live Zoom sessions as many in-person events have been modified for safety.

November 5 @ 7pm
Professional Dress