Fall Leadership Conference

Omaha, Nebraska. November 7-8

The Nebraska Phi beta Lambda Fall Leadership Conference is a two-day event. The conference is designed to connect members with businesses and business professionals, train local officers and members, and share information on Nebraska PBL activities and goals. The conference is being held at Gallup in Omaha for the second consecutive year in a row! The kick-off of the conference will continue as normal with a guest speaker as well as various presentations about state information. The after noon will keep the focus of business going with a panel and additional business tour. Also included at the conference is a business-person round table luncheon where local are business professionals have the chance to network with Nebraska PBL members.

Registration is due October 21st. 

Also, if anyone has specific dietary needs contact Jennifer Claus (jennifer_claus@gallup.com). 

Schedule of Events

Subject to Change

November 7th