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Nebraska PBL is committed to bridging the gap between future and present professionals through service, leadership, and education.

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Join us at our State Leadership Conference where you get the opportunity to compete against your peers throughout Nebraska in career related competitions. 

You will be judged by current business representatives who offer great insight to improve your skills and may grant you the opportunity to connect with other business professionals or opportunities.

and Tours

Engage in our professional video series that premiers current PD members, business partners, and past PBL State Officers. Throughout this video experience, our members are granted insight into the business world today as well as tips and tricks to obtaining your dream job. 

Once per month, we have a statewide zoom meeting with a current business professional allowing our members to network throughout the year.

Networking Opportunities

Nebraska PBL creates networking opportunities throughout the year to connect our members with current business professionals. Don’t forget to register for our Fall Leadership Conference to network with business professionals at our networking luncheon. This conference is the pinnacle of our networking opportunities and has allowed various members to receive internship opportunities and career connections.